Solutions for Hotels

We have the expertise and experience to innovatively support design ideas and the fulfillment of different requirements in hotel construction. In Doors East Africa is a one-stop shop for all kinds of integrated construction solutions and services from the basement to the roof, which ensures compatibility and avoids unnecessary problems. Our specialties used for hotel construction and maintenance include:

  • Flooring and sealing solutions for floors in hotel room, reception halls, fitness center, car parks, restaurants and kitchens, utility rooms, etc. – Conmix ResiGard and Conmix TekniFloor ranges of products.
  • Waterproofing solutions for swimming pools – Conmix MoyaProof, Conmix MoyaShield Xypex Concentrate and Xypex Modified ranges of products.
  • Sealing and bonding solutions for facades – SealXtra and FitBond ranges of products.
  • Roof waterproofing solutions with systems suitable for both new construction and refurbishment projects – Conmix MoyaProof, Conmix MoyaShield, Conmix SealXtra, Xypex Concentrate and EuroMembranes APP ranges of products.
  • Concrete repair, Protection and Strengthening – Conmix ReCon, Conmix MegaAdd, Conmix MoyaShield and Xypex Patch ‘n Plug ranges of products.
  • Waterproofing of Basements – Conmix MoyaProof and Xypex Concentrate range of products.
  • Flooring and Coatings
  • Sealants

Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Hospital Flooring Solutions

Warm creative interior environment is important to the well-being of patients and health care personnel, plus a tight building envelop which protects this environment. In Doors E.A supplies full range environmental friendly construction solutions for this project type and has worldwide experiences. Warm creative interior environment is important to the well-being of patients and health care personnel, plus a tight building envelop which protects this environment. 

In Doors E.A supplies full range environmental friendly construction solutions for this project type and has worldwide experiences. Easy-Clean and Seamless Integrated Floor and Wall Finish Systems: Expectations in Floor and Wall finishes in today’s hospitals are high. In public spaces, such as treatment and patient rooms and lobbies and corridors, they must enhance the patient’s experience and, at the same time, provide long-term durability and ease of maintenance. Floor and wall finishes in the sterile core must resist aggressive sanitizers and staining agents. Back of house spaces, including laboratories, kitchens, laundries and maintenance, need to withstand constant traffic and abuse.

Sterile Core and Surgical Suites

Our seamless resinous floor and wall systems are designed to withstand the most demanding hospital conditions. They provide lasting protection against frequent sanitization, staining agents, impact, and heavy traffic. They contain no seams to harbor microbial growth. Conmix ResiGard Flooring Systems such as Conmix ResiGard SL2 provides a tough, elastomeric solution for these spaces. Conmix ResiGard Wall Coating Systems such as Conmix ResiGard HB provide excellent abuse and sanitizer resistance and are easy to touch-up.

Hospital Patient rooms, Rest rooms, and Public Spaces

First impressions tend to create lasting impressions, especially when it comes to floor and wall systems. We have a wide range of aesthetically pleasing flooring systems to help you create positive images for your facility. Conmix ResiGard Wall Coating Systems provides a cleanable, mar resistant finish with excellent touch-up.

Hospital Back of House, Support Areas

Hospital kitchens, laundries, labs and maintenance require floors with excellent impact,

thermal shock and abrasion resistance. In addition, since many of these areas are on or below grade, tolerance to concrete slab moisture movement is also important. In Doors East Africa Conmix ResiGard systems such as Conmix ResiGard MB allow to water vapour movement and have outstanding abuse resistance. Our Conmix ResiGard HP resists harsh cleaning chemicals and detergents as well. Our wall systems in these areas must also withstand these difficult operating conditions.

Solutions for Car Parks

Car park flooring systems have many different requirements ranging from deck waterproofing and wear resistance to design possibilities. In Doors East Africa has a wide portfolio of floor car park systems specially designed for all of these different applications and requirements. The systems are based on epoxy technologies for the hard wearing surfaces and polyurethane resins for crack bridging and waterproofing. From a technical point of view, the main function of these deck systems is to protect the reinforced concrete structure and prevent the ingress of water and corrosive de-icing salts. Therefore, crack-bridging properties are frequently essential to accommodate the thermal and dynamic loading movement of the structure, especially on composite structures and in exposed areas.

Ramps usually require the system to have a higher degree of slip resistance, plus they are much more exposed to mechanical stress, which the Conmix ResiGard flooring systems can easily accommodate. Our Conmix ResiGard car park flooring systems can be designed to the colour and area demarcation scheme of your choice. A bright and well-lit car park helps to improve safety and security, plus this also makes the visitors feel more comfortable. In car parks floor the joints can be sealed with our Conmix SealXtra sealants,which are able to resist traffic loads from the cars and cleaning machines passing over them. They will retain their properties in direct contact with oils and fuel, and withstand the weathering when used externally. Our Conmix SealXtra sealants have high mechanical strength, high abrasion and chemical resistance with excellent substrate adhesion in the joints.

Typical Applications:

  • Flooring in multi-storey and underground car parks
    • Conmix ResiGard HP – Epoxy based, slip-resistant wearing surfaces with high abrasion and impact resistance.
    • Conmix ResiGard PU CP – Polyurethane based, deck waterproofing and wearing surfaces with high abrasion resistance and crack-bridging properties.
  • Sealing of car park floor joints
    • Conmix SealXtra PU FR High performance 2-component sealants with high mechanical and chemical resistance.

Solutions for Basement Waterproofing

Hidden from sight, the below grade portion of a building typically serves some essential function. Parking garages, some non-critical storage and laundry area are commonly placed underground. Here the waterproofing requirement is not very strict. However, for important function rooms, storage and technical areas, offices and high-end, moisture-free data storage centers filled with high-tech equipment – any of these services may be located below grade in buildings.

Watertight Concrete

Concrete for watertight structures formulated with advanced Conmix Admixtures (MegaAdd WL1, WL2, WL3 and WP) and Xypex Admix adapt to individual design criteria and meets highest quality performance criteria.

Joints Waterproofing

Every concrete structure contains constructions joints and very often expansion joints with even high movements be considered. The Conmix SealXtra range of sealants and Conmix MoyaProof products allow the design of the correct and practical sealing solution for each and every type of joint in the structure.

Membrane Systems

Highly flexible membrane systems protect any concrete structure up to the highest requirements. The Conmix MoyaProof and EuroMembranes APP membrane range of products offers customers high waterproofing safety and installation efficiency, typically used for basements and roofs.


Specific protection and waterproofing of concrete structures may be carried out by roller or sprayed applied coatings. Bituminous coatings and polyurethane coatings from the Conmix MoyaShield and Conmix ResiGard ranges cover a wide range of project requirements.

Watertight Mortars

Waterproofing of new and old concrete structures is often done by watertight mortars and cementitious polymer modified renderings, either hand or spray applied. Conmix MoyaProof one and two component watertight mortars such as MoyaProof WS2 and MoyaProof HF are of high quality with specific approval for use in contact with portable water.

Solutions for Concrete structures

Concrete structures and elements make up the major part of airport buildings and structures. Conmix provides admixtures and additives that have been developed to support the production of high quality concretes for these structures. Watertight concrete is frequently important, because airports are often located in wide flat areas where the ground water level can be very high. In addition, there are large paved areas which are exposed to heavy rainfall and flooded with surface water. Conmix MegaAdd WP, WL1, WL2 and WL3 concrete admixtures produce watertight concrete that is ideal for the construction of watertight basements and underground facilities such as car parks and transport system tunnels.

For durable precast concrete elements such as pillars, tunnel segments, Conmix MegaFlow P4 and MegaFlow SP4 products are used to ensure their optimum rates of production and gain of strength, plus high quality units with an excellent surface finish are obtained. Airport buildings usually have huge dimensions, especially the terminal check-in and baggage reclaim areas for example, so the large areas of concrete in these structures can be susceptible exposed to high shrinkage. MegaFlow P4 is used to restrict and control this problem. From an aesthetic point of view, airport buildings are always architecturally challenging projects. Through the use of Conmix range of attractive coloured concrete surfaces and textures such as Glitterlite , Conwave, Concoat , Conglaze and Contour can add to your design possibilities.

Typical Applications:

  • Water Reducing Admixtures
    • Conmix MegaFlow 2000 – Highly efficient superplasticizer based on polycarboxylates.
    • Conmix MegaAdd P4 – Plasticising and water reduction with extended workability.
    • Conmix MegaAdd SP4 – Superplasticizer for a wide range of applications.
  • Essentials to improve the Quality of Concrete
    • Conmix ReForm T – De-moulding agent to improve the quality of the concrete surface.
    • Conmix JetCure GP – Curing compound to prevent excessive evaporation and improve the quality of the concrete surface.

Solutions for Floors

Solutions for Floors in Freight, Logistics and Food Processing Areas:

Airport freight handling and other logistics areas include: warehousing, loading bays, ramps etc., where the floors must be extremely abrasion and wear resistant due to the heavy traffic, plus the areas must also be dust free and easy to clean. Sometimes these floors can require additional chemical or fire resistance, anti-slip properties, resistance to extremes of hot or cold temperatures and other specific performance demands, according to the function of the areas. Conmix ResiGard and TekniFloor systems are certified to fulfill the specific needs of these freight and logistic areas and they have high aesthetic appearance. Conmix ResiGard and TekniFloor systems are based on low emission, UV resistant, high performance epoxy resins that are tested according to stringent standards.

Their surface finishes can be adjusted from smooth to highly slip resistant for safety and allow individual and decorative floor designs. These can also be used in commercial and retail areas, including restaurants, baggage claim and all of the logistics areas in an airport. Conmix ResiGard and TekniFloor solutions for food processing areas are designed to protect concrete floors with an appropriate seamless and hygienic coating. In food areas the floors are typically exposed to all sorts of food products, including drinking water, hot oils, sugars and fruit acids, plus wide variations in temperature, exposure to cleaning agents, etc., which could all cause serious damage to unprotected concrete surfaces.
These aggressive materials can also penetrate into the concrete surfaces, resulting in the growth of dangerous bacteria. Polymer modified cementitious screeds, such as TekniFloor SLS5 systems, are fully resistant, durable and therefore ideal to meet all of the individual requirements. To make the floor finishes seamless and joint-free, Conmix SealXtra sealants are used to also seal the movement and connection joints in all of these floor areas. These have high mechanical and chemical resistance, prevent dirt and bacteria build-up, are easy to clean and fully resistant to cleaning agents and cleaning machines. They cure bubble-free and are easy to apply.

Typical Applications Conmix Solution:

  • Flooring for freight and logistics areas
    • ResiGard SL2 High performance Epoxy resin based coating with high mechanical and chemical resistance.
    • ResiGard PU CP High wear resistance, for durable, long service life. Easy to clean and keep the floor in optimum condition. Low VOC emissions for a healthy anti-allergy working environment. High slip resistance is possible for safety even when wet.
  • Flooring for food processing areas
    • ResiGard SL4 – Epoxy self levelling system for high wear, chemical resistance and hygienic surfaces.
    • ResiGard Acrylic – Acrylic resin based, very rapid curing, flexible and decorative solutions for medium wear.
  • Sealing of floor joints in freight and logistics areas
    • SealXtra PS- High performance 2-component sealant for movement joints in floors with high mechanical and chemical resistance.
  • Flooring for food processing areas
    • SealXtra PS- High performance 2-component sealant for movement joints in floors with high mechanical and chemical resistance.