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Available brands - Binachem

Binachem Binafix

Product description
Key features

MR is a 100% three component solvent free epoxy system designed for a variety of applications. Epoxy MR is a highly flowable, non-shrink, rapid strength gain, epoxy grout for tight clearance applications and dynamic loads. MR Grout has excellent chemical resistance.


MR can be used for following applications.

  • Grouting in fixing bolts & anchors
  • Grouting holes and cavities in concrete elements
  • Crane rail & railroad track rehabilitation
  • Precision alignment under dynamic load conditions
  • Transfer car runways & material handling tracks
  • The maintenance and repair of marine structures.
  • Bridge bearings and filling the empty space between the steelreinforcement of reinforced concrete columns.


  • Packaging: 9 Kg Set (A+B) & 30 Kg Set (A+B) / Comp A: Epoxy Resin, Comp B: Epoxy Hardener / Comp C: Filler


Approximate coverage



1.6 -1.7 m2/ Kg

@ 1mm thickness

*Coverage data are for general guidance. Actual consumption depend upon substrate, application techniques & wastages etc.

Mixing & Application:

Component A and B are mixed under low speed mixer for 3-4 minutes, then component C is poured into the mixture and allof them mix for 3-5 minutes until obtaining homogenous mixture. Mixture must be applied in 40 minutes. Mixture should beapplied on the surface with using a trowel as obtained maximum 40 mm thickness. Maximum thickness can be achieved up to200mm with multiple layers (each layer must not exceed 40mm)Depending on the weather conditions 10-48 hours should be waited for next layers.The product would be completely cured in minimum 7 days.

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