Our equipment


3 Ton Forklift

Construction industry involves a lot of light and heavy materials. To improve the productivity of our workforce and the quality of work delivered, we have 3-ton Forklift machines to undertake all the heavy lifting ad transportation.

Admixure Blending Unit

Mixtures encompass the construction industry. It is through mixing chemicals that we get high quality mixtures to apply to structures and interiors.


Industrial Paddle Mixers

Mixing bulk fluids can be hectic and inconvinient. We employ high capacity paddle mixers to ensure maximum efficiency and smoothness in mixture production.


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Industrial Drills

By employing high revolutions per minute drills with robust motors and diamond-strong drill bits, we endure the tasking process of boring holes in concrete and wood structures.
Through careful tool selection we deliver more in the shortest finish time possible.


Industrial Grinding Machine

Grinding helps break down materials into a suitable form and our grinding machines grind everything you throw at them into smooth-small particles!

Scarifying Machines

For perfect smooth surfaces we employ scarifying machines that grind their way into uneven concrete surfaces to give that elegant balance.


Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Polishing surface by pulling away dirt helps keep surfaces clean and simple. We employ industrial vacuum cleaners to tackle this process.


High Pressure Spray Washing Machine

Cleaning surfaces reduces the chances of poorly done work and adds productivity in the mix. High pressure spray washing machines help alleviate problems that may arise from applying mixtures on dirty surfaces.

What Our Clients Say!

The right tools for the right job! In Doors EA has mastered the art of using the correct tooling to provide first class delivery!

JB Kamau

Your teams are well equipped to handle daily operations on construction and chemical products. I am most impressed by your lab!

Smith Nwesh