EuroSwellis high performance hydrophilic swelling waterstop. EuroSwell SW is made of high performance modified bentonite strips. The swelling action is the result between water and hydrophilic groups which are part of the EuroSwell SW molecular structure. Expansion of the waterstop creates a positive seal against the face of the concrete joint and prevents the water entry into the structure through the protected joint.

Uses $ Appliation:
A flexible butyl rubber and swellable clay waterproofing compound that swells upon contact with water to form a long-lasting compression seal in non-moving concrete joints. EuroSwell SW requires a 2-inch minimum clear coverage from the face of the concrete. EuroSwell SW is used primarily for foundation walls slabs, slabs-on-grade, precast wall panels, manholes, pipe connections, box culverts, utility and burial vaults, wet wells, and potable water tanks.

Easy to install by bonding nailing or casting into joint face.  Flexible to use in horizontal and vertical joint.  Uses butt end joining to create continuous waterstop. Swelling properties unaffected by long term wet/dry cycling.  Conforms easily to irregular surface.  Sustains effective seal in wet conditions.  Non-toxic and require no special handling.

Typical Properties

* Typical results under standard laboratory conditions.

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