EuroPrufe CB 12TG
EuroPrufe CB 12TGis applied either horizontally to smoothly prepared concrete substrate & compacted earth or crushed stone substrate or vertically to permanent formwork. Concrete is then cast directly against the adhesive side of the membranes.  Waterproofing to basements of industrial and civil engineering  Pre-applied waterproofing system for walls, tunnels and subways  The membrane is not suited to roofs or other internal wet area applications.

Features & Benefits:
 Superior Protection: 3 layers of waterproofing protection  Superior Puncture Resistance: Higher than current Class A Vapor Barrier requirements  Sound anti-puncture performance  Weather resistant and anti-UV  Superior Resistance to Water Migration: Eliminates water and vapor migration by forming a strong mechanical bond to the concrete  Superior Adhesive Bond: Creates a strong adhesive bond when the static load of the concrete slab causes sealant/adhesive compound to "cold flow" throughout all remaining voids  Superior Adaptability: Flexible material that adapts to jobsite irregularities for ease of installation  Superior Joints: Fully-adhering, watertight laps  Superior Crack Protection: Stress-absorbing and elongation properties to maintain a watertight seal to the structure if cracks develop in the base material or the slab  Superior adaptability to settlement and distortion  Superior Barrier: Acts as a barrier against toxic contaminants, including methane and radon gas, which may attempt to enter the structure through cracks in the concrete  Eco-friendly material

Typical Properties

* Typical results under standard laboratory conditions.

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