EuroM Bridgeshield
EuroM Bridgeshieldis an APP (Atactic Polypropylene Plastomeric) type modified bitumen membrane, consisting of a specially formulated bituminous compound of distilled asphalt modified with selected high grade viscoelastic polymers and reinforced with a high quality non-woven 200g polyester carrier. EuroM Bridgeshield is coated with either a sanded or granular top surface finish, while the bottom surface is embossed and protected by a heat sensitive polythene film. This type of finish for the lower surface has been chosen for two specific purposes. 1. To act as a temperature gauge during application. When the film melts it shows that the compound is at the correct temperature. 2. The embossing is to allow the gases to rapidly escape when heated to its correct installation temperature avoiding possible problems of bubbling and blistering.

Features $ Benefits:
APP Modified Compound  Excellent cold flexibility -5˚C  Excellent elongation  Heat welded laps provide a homogenous joint  Prefabricated membrane  Good elastic memory  Resistance to aggressive chemicals  Heavyweight non-woven polyester  High mechanical characteristics  High puncture resistance  Good elongation  Will not decay

EuroM Bridgeshield has been specifically engineered using a heavy weight non-woven carrier for heavy-duty applications, particularly as a membrane under hot melt asphalt or bitumen. Typical uses are:  Bridge decks  Car parks  Road-ways  Viaducts EuroM Bridgeshield is a sandwich membrane and must be protected from UV radiation.

Typical Properties

* Typical results under standard laboratory conditions.

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