EuroDrain 10 Geo
EuroDrain 10 GeoN is an efficient, filtered sub-soil drainage system for drainage of all in-ground structures. It comprises a highly compression resistant and flexible studded structural plastic core bonded to heavy-duty, non-woven polypropylene filter fabric.

High compressive strength studded core accepts structural and traffic loads, while allowing uninterrupted water flow.  Reduces hydrostatic pressure build-up behind structures such as retaining walls, basements and foundations  Reduces the potential for damage caused by movement and expansive soils  Provides membrane protection to walls and floors in planter boxes. Will prevent flooding and deposition of soil and debris on surrounding paved surfaces.  Easy to install and has an over-locking edge profile to assist with stability of installed drainage systems.  The free draining structure and geotextile layer prevents silt from clogging footing drainage lines, planter box floor outlets and landscaped deck outlet drains.  Provides added benefits in facilitating the protective function of the waterproofing membrane system.

EURODRAIN is a light-weight drainage layer with high flow capacity. It guides redundant water swiftly to the drain. It is specifically designed for use with all Euro Membrane’s anti-root waterproofing membrane systems as well as any torch-applied waterproofing membranes. It provides uninterrupted, permanent high flow drainage to lift pits, basement retaining walls, bridge abutments, planter box walls and floors. EURODRAIN is used to collect and control water under landscaped podium decks, terraces or roofs.

Typical Properties

* Typical results under standard laboratory conditions.

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